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My dream for many years was to become an author but I had many fears to overcome. However, having gone through the full coaching programme I developed the confidence to put pen to paper and I’m now a published author who is currently working on writing another book.

Audrey R.

Before I started to receive coaching my prospective on life and the direction of where my life was heading was seriously blurred, due to the fact that I was not able to move on from the stumbling blocks that I had created in my mind. These stumbling blocks came about because I allowed the people in my life to dictate my life decisions.  The coaching sessions, that I attended, enabled me to redefine my life in a positive way and I am now living my best life. Thank you, Coach Jay.


Eddie C.

Having been coached by ‘Coach Jay’ I am proud to say that my life has completely turned around. I am now living a happier more content purposeful life.


Roxene J.

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